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A vote of no confidence in the Government is not as simple as it sounds.

There has been a lot of talk about Labour forcing a Commons vote of no-confidence. The no-confidence motion that Jeremey Corbyn has tabled is largely symbolic. The government doesn’t have to provide time for it to be debated and the … Continue reading

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Theresa May’s rainbows and unicorns

In her speech on 9th January 2017, i.e. nearly 2 years ago, at the Charity Commission annual meeting, the Prime Minister promised that her government would have a “comprehensive, wide-ranging plan” to split from the EU. “A plan to build … Continue reading

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Article 50 Revocation – The Three Knights Opinion in Luxembourg

On Tuesday (27th November) a group of Parliamentarians led by Andy Wightman MSP put their case to the CJEU for a preliminary ruling that Article 50 is unilaterally revocable. As well as Andy Wightman & otrs, Chris Leslie MP and Tom … Continue reading

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The “Taking Back Control” people have done it again

From the people who so proudly brought you “Our Sovereign Parliament”, we now have “Parliament doesn’t need to know anything”. The Government is yet again trying to play fast and loose with principle, never mind with the rules. It has … Continue reading

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Direction of Travel for Brexit challenges

Monday’s Harry Shindler case at the CJEU serves to demonstrate how difficult it can be for individuals to get a case before the CJEU unless they have already been directly affected. The notification and opening of negotiations are only preparatory … Continue reading

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Three Knights Opinion Part 1 – The Government Agrees

The Government has had to admit what it had originally hoped to keep secret: The first part of The Three Knights Opinion commissioned by The Peoples Challenge is correct. The Government had originally tried to keep secret its grounds for … Continue reading

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Govt. attempt to block test of Art. 50 revocability rejected by Supreme Court

The UK Government’s attempt to block a key, perhaps what is currently the key, Brexit related judicial referral has been rejected by the UK’s Supreme Court. Incredibly, given the expertise and resources the Government has expended, the Government’s request for … Continue reading

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