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People’s Challenge group win right to publish secret Government Defence in Brexit case

A group of ‘concerned British Citizens’ involved in the challenge to the Government’s plans to use the Royal Prerogative to evoke Art 50 have won the right to publish its complete legal defence and an unredacted version of their submissions … Continue reading

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Brexit poker – a game where neither Parliament nor the British public get to see the cards

The government’s go-to response to just about all Brexit-related queries is getting rather old for some: “the government won’t disclose strategy”. In fact the government is playing its cards so close to its chest that it’s entirely possible that even … Continue reading

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Public debate: a threat to the Govt’s overbearing secrecy?

“The government is shutting down public debate… [on use of Royal Prerogative]” says the Guardian. It certainly seems to be the case – but why? A good while back, Mrs Thatcher refused to allow the voices of Sinn Fein to … Continue reading

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Brexit: the Case for a Parliamentary Vote – Jolyon Maugham QC

[The following was commissioned by Counsel Magazine and is also published here.] I’ll take some things as read. You’ll know there’s a legal challenge to the Government’s position that it is for it and not Parliament to decide what action to … Continue reading

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