EU Citizenship Rights are still worth fighting for!

With the New Year comes new but not unexpected work for the People’s Challenge.

We are now approaching the final stretch on Brexit, one way or the other crunch time is approaching. This is going to, at the very least, involve legal work if not court challenges.

But before that, and just as importantly, we need to assess the position with the network of grassroots pro-EU groups, which were working well until the opposition parties decided to hand Boris Johnson a get-out-of-jail-free card with a General Election.

As part of this, we plan to attend the Grassroots for EU conference in London on the 25th of this month.

Our aims are to expand our networking, seeking to avoid previous mistakes made by others in this area, and to avoid any further narrowing of the issues, or maybe, dare we dream, to promote a broadening of the issues: UK citizens who are UK-resident with property in the EU (perhaps bought in anticipation of retirement there), UK citizens who own/operate a business that does business in the EU, UK citizens with other financial interests in the EU, etc…

People who have exercised their EU citizenship rights, not just those who currently reside in EU27 states, are going to be penalised for having done so.

Every UK citizen, regardless of country of residence, will lose both current and future rights as a result of Brexit. This is because, even three years plus after the referendum, negotiators have failed, possibly deliberately, to get to grips with the variety and complexity of individuals’ personal situations.

But the UK and the EU must not be allowed to sacrifice rights which have been available to us for over forty years on the altar of “question too difficult, so we’ll ignore it”.

Yet again, it will take money to fight against loss of rights, against the glossing over of multiple issues important to many UK citizens and affecting all of them, because it’s supposedly just “Get Brexit done” – a laughable concept.

This time of year is often associated with extra expenditure and this is also true for The People’s Challenge, but not for the usual seasonal reasons. We have had to renew various subscriptions, pay registration fees and provide for accountancy fees, plus other associated running costs for the organisation. Together, relatively small expenses like these continue to slowly but steadily eat through our modest finances.

The directors of the People’s Challenge can no longer bear this financial burden personally, and so as we have before, we’re asking you for funding in order for us to pursue the larger goals and keep the smaller but vital matters under control.

Please help us if you can – as you know, your support is vital to us, and as ever, we thank you for it.


The People's Challenge - logoWe greatly value your support. Many of you have been with us for a good while and have donated not just once but multiple times. We thank you all for it, and we do know that there are practical limits to what people can contribute.

Whether you can donate right now or not (if you can, please click on the image above to do so), please spread the word among your contacts and on social media. Have you got a fiver you could spare for us? Could you spare us a fiver next month, the month after…?

Our ability to continue this work teeters on a knife edge – limited, but of course very welcome, funding from our GoFundMe crowdfunder, barely enables us to continue and relies on the directors covering the shortfall.

This is how we are funded, we receive nothing from the big campaign groups, business, philanthropic bodies, political parties…

We follow matters as they develop. They’re always volatile, and in these times of Brexit extensions and the hiatus of a General Election it means that days’ or weeks’ worth of work has to be set aside or even lost completely as the situation changes.

Our aim is to help people to see what’s going on, to understand what they are (or aren’t) being told, and to decide what’s best for our country: what’s really in the national interest, what protects fundamental citizenship rights and ensures that Parliament and not the executive (the government) is sovereign.

To help protect our fundamental rights, and support Parliament in safeguarding them, please support The People’s Challenge, so we can continue to help make your voice heard.

There’s still a way to go (despite the repeated  ”fixed” deadlines) and there are no guarantees about the outcome. The only thing that’s certain is that if we stop trying, we will fail.

As we all know, without organisers there can be no effective campaign, without a client there can be no legal/judicial challenge.

Please share this article as widely as you can, and thank you again for your support.

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Published by Grahame Pigney on behalf of The People’s Challenge Ltd.


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