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Our current fund raising campaign is Championing the Millions in the Margins

We have fronted campaigns to stop this UK governments intention to abuse its position as the executive and subvert the UK’s Sovereign Parliament.

Bindmans LLP represented us in the R vs Miller case. They sent the first challenge to the government about its intention to use the Royal Prerogative to trigger Article 50.

The significant, and ultimately conclusive, interventions we made in in R vs Miller gave our Sovereign Parliament the opportunity to hold the government to account and enforce the UK’s system of democracy.

The Three Knights Opinion we commissioned in February 2017 sets out clear and authoritative advice that the Article 50 notice is revocable under the UK constitution and the EU Treaties.

But only if  Parliament decides that the exit agreement is unacceptable and a hard Brexit is not in the UK’s best interest it IS possible to escape the trap that Theresa May and the Brexiters have laid for the UK.

In February 2017 we also produced our “Legal Milestones on the Road to Brexit” with a view to identifying some of the main ‘legal milestones’ that the UK and the EU institutions will need to pass to achieve Brexit. 

More than ever, an independent, non party-political voice must be heard on behalf of ordinary people. More than ever, we must ensure that where appropriate, legal challenges are brought and the executive is not allowed to ride roughshod over the public and Parliament. Marches show that people care, but can’t be relied upon to keep the executive within the law.

For example, we must:

-as negotiations proceed, identify areas where individuals’ fundamental rights may be unlawfully compromised or particular groups of people left behind altogether;

-identify elements of the EU Withdrawal Bill (aka the Repeal Bill) where parliamentarians can be usefully briefed;

-explain the dangers of the government rejecting the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and grabbing unfettered “Henry VIII” rights, and resist any such attempts;

-document and explain the fundamental rights of all UK citizens, not just UK citizens living in the other EU27 countries, and identify protective measures needed;

-identify and seize opportunities for further test cases or campaigns to help protect citizenship rights and/or support Parliament in taking critical decisions in the months ahead.

Without organisers there can be no effective campaign, without a client there can be no legal/judicial challenge.

We set up The People’s Challenge Ltd as a not-for-profit organisation and launched this GoFundMe appeal so that we can continue the work we started in order to avoid the national disaster that Theresa May and her government seek to impose on the UK & NI.

We will use the money raised to:

-produce work that highlights how UK citizens fundamental rights and the UK’s Parliamentary democracy are being threatened by Brexit and the governments dogmatic approach;

-extend the work we do with other organisations;

-produce further briefings for the public, parliamentarians and campaign organisations on the threats to fundamental citizenship rights and/or parliamentary sovereignty;

-make modest recompense for the time and effort expended by individuals on The People’s Challenge Ltd and cover the cost of the website, phone calls, mailings, travel, meetings…

We need your support for these essential activities – activities that any effective campaigning organisation must undertake. Without your backing, we cannot continue helping to give ordinary people a voice.

We aim to help people and parliamentarians see what’s going on, better understand what they are, or aren’t, being told, evaluate it, and decide what would constitute the best outcome for the UK.

We are working for the outcome that’s best for the future of the UK: an outcome in the national interest, which protects everyone’s fundamental citizenship rights; an outcome that ensures that Parliament and not the executive is sovereign.

That’s the only stance we take.

If you care about the fundamental rights that Brexit puts in jeopardy, and the need for Parliament to safeguard them effectively, please send us a donation so we can maintain our campaign and continue to stand up for you.

Championing the Millions in the Margins

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Published by Grahame Pigney on behalf of The People’s Challenge Ltd.