The “Taking Back Control” people have done it again

From the people who so proudly brought you “Our Sovereign Parliament”, we now have “Parliament doesn’t need to know anything”.

The Government is yet again trying to play fast and loose with principle, never mind with the rules. It has received legal advice and is refusing to disclose that legal advice, despite being instructed to do so by Parliament.

They have also published an impact analysis that includes the now discredited and abandoned Chequers deal, but does not evaluate the impact of the deal Theresa May has agreed with the EU.

The Home Office a.k.a. Sajid Javid also admits that the “Immigration Paper” he said was to be published in July might not now be published until AFTER the vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal on 11th December.

Not for the first time, Theresa May and her cohorts in Whitehall are showing themselves to be far worse than their fictional devils in Brussels.

They try to hide the Brexit negotiations, the effects of these negotiations, and the legal arguments they intend to use when brought to book in court.

They keep things as far as possible from oversight, whether it’s facts and figures, or even whether they have done the due diligence on their self-serving course of action.

They are deliberately hiding the true comparison between an aspirational, undefined future relationship with the EU and the factual (and actual) benefits that the UK’s membership of the EU provides.

The cherry on the cake is that they refuse to obey their bosses, our democratically elected representatives in Parliament, unless they are put in an arm lock.

We went to the courts to compel Theresa May to respect Parliament in 2016.

Will Theresa May have to be forced into respecting Parliament once again?

The intellectual cowardice of a Prime Minster who says that asking the people what they think is denying their will is stunning, and shows the depths to which Theresa May has sunk in order to protect herself.


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