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Other campaigns and challenges we face

Application for a Judicial Review by Sue Wilson and others. It is excellent news that the judge reviewing Sue Wilson’s application has laid down some solid markers for a response from the government. There is still a long way to … Continue reading

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Business Secretary nearly admits that Brexit hurts people as Foreign & Health Secretaries give business the bird

On Thursday last, the Business Secretary Greg Clark came perilously close to admitting that Brexit and Theresa May’s “red lines” will hurt “ordinary people”, UK citizens who live in the UK. He was speaking at an International Business Festival in … Continue reading

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Is the withdrawal procedure followed by the UK and the EU legal?

This is based around a blog piece by Aurélien ANTOINE a Professor of Law specialising in UK public law on the submission Advocat Fouchet has made on behalf of Harry Shindler and 12 others to the Tribunal of First Instance … Continue reading

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A disingenuous Government doesn’t want Parliamentary Sovereignty or the Rule of Law

Pro-EU Tories are quietly considering a government proposal aimed at averting defeat on the EU Withdrawal Bill. The MPs are holding back on their response to the compromise offer, though one said they believed it to be insubstantial. The amendment … Continue reading

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Both sides claim victory as No 10 makes backstop “concession”

So, has the EU given in to the blandishments of the UK, has the UK broken down the forensic, considered position of the EU? No, this has nothing to do with the negotiations between the UK and the EU on … Continue reading

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Why protecting Parliamentary Sovereignty and Fundamental Citizenship Rights needs more than one approach.

A question I have been asked in the past few days, a question that is similar to many that I have been asked over the past couple of years: “There seem to be several initiatives similar to yours to STOP … Continue reading

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New Interventions in the Edinburgh Article 50 case

Tom Brake (Lib-Dem Brexit spokesman) and Chris Leslie ( Labour MP) have been granted leave to intervene in this case about whether the UK can unilaterally revoke the Article 50 notification. The case is built on the premise set out … Continue reading

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