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The Millions in the Margins – Introduction and Summary

Today’s blog piece is our first in a series presenting the work that has been done in our “Millions in the Margins” campaign. Our legal advice is, despite the restricted brief our fund-raising covered is very long and at times … Continue reading

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Why don’t people understand what EU Citizenship Rights are?

Ex-CBI chief lambasts EU leaders and UK over citizens’ rights Paul Drechsler says politicians should be ashamed that citizens’ rights in UK and Europe have not been guaranteed. Paul Drechsler makes a good point, but it is clear that he … Continue reading

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The approaching meltdown

The recent temperatures have been added to by the increasing fractiousness of the EU/UK negotiations which have in large part been caused by the ever increasing “it’s all the EU’s fault” rhetoric coming from pro-Brexit politicians and UK government ministers. … Continue reading

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The Millions in the Margins – Why we have to look after ourselves

Apart from the usual work of keeping up with the Brexit news (and watching Theresa May’s government apparently falling apart), the past couple of weeks have seen us occupied with reading and analysing the draft Millions in the Margins advice … Continue reading

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Harry Shindler at the General Court of the EU

French Avocat Julien FOUCHET has set out in an article in La Connexion his thoughts on the case he has taken to the CJEU on behalf of Harry Shindler and 12 others. According to La Connexion, “Despite Mr FOUCHET having … Continue reading

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The Millions in the Margins – an update.

Earlier this week we received the draft of the legal advice “The Millions in the Margins” which we commissioned on your behalf from John Halford at Bindmans and Gerry Facenna and his colleagues at Monckton Chambers. With the scope of … Continue reading

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Numbers under the Brexit bus

The current version of the Brexit deal is the talk of the town, but sadly it’s much ado about nothing. There’s very little in the current Brexit deal, much of what is there is controversial in one way and/or another … Continue reading

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