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Is a People’s Vote now more likely or are we heading for a default No-Deal exit – the answer is in Jeremy Corbyn’s hands

The scale of Theresa May’s defeat is incredible. Far exceeding anything whether measured in votes or percentages that a Government has suffered in the modern era. But, which way does her defeat push things? The opposition to her deal will … Continue reading

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Direction of Travel for Brexit challenges

Monday’s Harry Shindler case at the CJEU serves to demonstrate how difficult it can be for individuals to get a case before the CJEU unless they have already been directly affected. The notification and opening of negotiations are only preparatory … Continue reading

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Important vs Urgent vs Important AND Urgent – Fighting Brexit

There are a number of campaigns challenging the results of the 2016 referendum plus the recently announced NCA (National Crime Agency) investigation. The issues that these campaigns are focused on are without doubt very important. The various challenges have yet … Continue reading

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Britain’s ‘unwritten constitution’ and its highest court are put to the test as Article 50 hearing begins.

The UK’s 11-Justice Supreme Court will hear the Government open its appeal today against the ruling that it cannot use the Royal Prerogative to take the UK out of the EU by triggering Article 50. If the ruling stands, the … Continue reading

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People’s Challenge – Developments in Parliament and the Supreme Court

We had planned to post a detailed update yesterday on our new CrowdJustice campaign page, but events have been very fast-moving and we’ve needed to take stock of them. This is just a snapshot with more detail and analysis to … Continue reading

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Challenges in Belfast High Court to Government Triggering Article 50

Judgment was given today by the Belfast High Court dismissing challenges brought on the basis of arguments about the ramifications of invoking Article 50 for the Good Friday Agreement. These were different arguments to those the People’s Challenge developed at … Continue reading

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People’s Challenge – Thank you & why we are pushing on past £150,000

We have raised the necessary money for the hearings in the Divisional  Court, this is an important milestone. However this fight for Parliamentary democracy is a marathon not a sprint. Pushing on past the magic £150,000. We’ve been focussing on … Continue reading

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