We believe that the individual rights and benefits of ordinary British (UK) Citizens deserve special attention in addition to more general arguments about the future of the UK.

We must make sure that the rights of ordinary UK Citizens are not, once again, ignored in the decisions about when, how and under what circumstances the UK should leave the EU.

This is the value, importance, impact that ordinary people’s involvement adds – making sure that Parliament understands why it is unacceptable for our rights to be stripped away without an Act of Parliament passed after considering the merits of all the options.

This is why I and other UK citizens both in the UK and overseas are prepared to continue the People’s Challenge and not just rely on others to make the more general arguments.

We collectively must not forget just what we have achieved together and how it all works towards our being able to protect people’s EU citizenship rights and the Sovereignty of the UK’s Parliament.

  1. We have challenged the Govt. over its intention to use Royal Prerogative to trigger Article 50 and we won in the Divisional Court and the Supreme Court.
  2. Whilst doing this we also successfully challenged the Government over its demand to keep its and others’ arguments secret.
  3. In challenging the Govt. on its right to use the Royal Prerogative, we established an important Constitutional point – only the UK’s Sovereign Parliament can remove or restrict fundamental citizenship rights, and to do so it must pass primary legislation.
  4. We developed this by commissioning the Three Knights Opinion. This opinion sets out clearly and authoritatively that the UK’s Parliament must decide, through an Act of Parliament, what happens at the end of the Article 50 negotiations, and that the options include deciding to Remain in the EU.
  5. With your support we have commisioned another significant piece of legal work, The Millions in the Margins. This document highlights the ways in which the draft Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU is not only discriminatory but seriously deficient in protections provided to UK citizens at home and overseas.

We are ready to mount a challenge if the Government attempts to force the results of the negotiations through without a meaningful vote on what is Best for Our Country.

The Government cannot be allowed to side-line Parliament on the scrutiny and implementation of legislation for any eventual decision in favour of the UK leaving the EU.

For ordinary UK Citizens to have the chance to argue that their individual, personal and business rights and benefits must be taken into account by our democratically elected Parliament when deciding the question “What is in the Best Interest of Our Country and its people?” collective action is essential.


The People's Challenge - logoWe value your support, apart from the sheer time and effort involved, much of what we do costs money that we can only afford to spend with the financial support of people like you.

Many people have contributed not once but multiple times and we know that there are practical limits on what people can do. Whether you can make a contribution (please click on the image above) or not please spread the word among your contacts and on the social media.

Our aim is to help people see what’s going on, understand what they are, or aren’t, being told, and decide what is the best outcome for the UK: an outcome in the national interest, protecting fundamental citizenship rights and ensuring Parliament and not the executive is sovereign.

There is still a long way to go and there are no guarantees about what the outcome will be. The only thing that is certain is that if we stop trying we will lose.

To help protect our fundamental rights, and support Parliament in safeguarding them, please support us so we can maintain our campaign and make your voice heard.

Please share this article as widely as you can, thank you very much for your support.

Published by Grahame Pigney on behalf of The People’s Challenge Ltd.

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