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When you have nothing to say for yourself, spread stories about your opponents

Theresa May’s government is actually verbally bankrupt, as well as morally bankrupt and much shorter of the readies than it needed to be. We’re getting the usual stuff about what they’re “very clear about” (yawn), but there’s nothing new, nothing … Continue reading

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Same old, same old and btw she still hasn’t told Parliament

Following a particularly long and arduous 45 minutes, I hope I’m not the only one to have emerged from Theresa May’s Brexit speech more confused and incredulous than I went in. The whole thing was a re-hash of the previous … Continue reading

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People’s Challenge – Supreme Court report – Days 3 and 4

This final report summarises the key developments in court on Wednesday and Thursday. The transcripts for both days are here and here. Lord Pannick QC finished his submissions on Wednesday morning, covering the legality of the use of prerogative powers … Continue reading

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Others’ arguments, and from the Govt, a desperate move?

  We are delighted to confirm that, despite the tight court timetable and the increased number of represented parties now active in the case, the People’s Challenge lead QC, Helen Mountfield, is to be given 45 minutes of court time … Continue reading

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Public debate: a threat to the Govt’s overbearing secrecy?

“The government is shutting down public debate… [on use of Royal Prerogative]” says the Guardian. It certainly seems to be the case – but why? A good while back, Mrs Thatcher refused to allow the voices of Sinn Fein to … Continue reading

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Theresa May’s Royal Progression

Apparently, for a princely (or perhaps regal) sum, the “privilege” of lunching with Theresa May during the Conservative Party Conference is For Sale. Not sure whether it includes the price of the meal. Is this the next phase, after proposing … Continue reading

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Off with their heads!! – I SAID “Breakfast means Breakfast!”

Go to court? – I AM the court! People’s Challenge to the Government on Art. 50: A Parliamentary Prerogative

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