Boris keeps trying to bounce Parliament into ignoring the detail of his deal, he failed on Saturday will he succeed today?

Is Boris’s bounce getting a little less bouncy?

Well, here we are, over 3 years after the referendum. And Boris seeks to bounce Parliament into an agreement to his ‘great new deal’ in less than 3 days!

Why? Because he said he wouldn’t ask for an extension, which he’s now had to do. Why wouldn’t he do that? Because he said he wouldn’t!

It’s a completely manufactured deadline now. Parliament has required him to ask for an extension, and as it’s Parliament’s will (thus the UK’s constitutional will), the EU’s going to grant it: a country can’t be thrown out of the EU against its expressed will, leaving the EU without a deal can only be the UK’s decision.

So what is our illustrious PM up to? We have plenty of proof that he’s always up to something, after all. What’s he angling for?

His own political ambition, of course – he’s been working to get the keys to No 10 for years, and is still aiming for the ‘Titanic success’ (Johnson’s own words) of Brexit. If he gets it, that’s what he’ll have for sure.

To get there, he needs plenty of support from the Right of his party, the ones who interpret ‘take back control’ as handing it to a demagogue in No. 10. And he needs to peddle the ‘Parliament v. the people’ argument.

Events have proved conclusively that Parliament is in control, is the ultimate arbiter of what becomes law in the UK, upheld as necessary by the UK courts.

And how does Johnson think that MPs get to be MPs? They are elected – by people. Let’s not forget, the election mechanism is governed by the ‘Representation of the People Act’.

So, more manufactured arguments.

He’s trying to create an alternative reality based on his own constructs, for his own ends, not for the best interests of the UK.

But Parliament is clearly not deceived, unlike the ‘popular’ press, apparently. We should not be deceived either.

Did he really say ”Trust me, I’m Boris”? Who could suspend disbelief to that extent?


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