Not everybody thinks that a “hurry up and get it done” Brexit is in everyone’s Best Interest.

The chair of the Bundestag’s foreign affairs committee, Norbert Röttgen, a senior member of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, has been Tweeting over the past few days on the new Brexit Deal and the parliamentary situation in the UK.

It helps to provide a useful insight into some of the reasons that Germany seems a lot more inclined to accept a long extension to the Art. 50 process. There is an understanding that ultimately the deal needs to go back to the people.

And that the backstops needed are not just the diplomatic/trade ones contained in the Withdrawal Agreement but a parliamentary backstop is needed to close the backdoor to a NoDeal Brexit.

And that to achieve a settled solution for the UK to debate and decide on the long-term solution, a long extension should be granted, allowing the EU to get on with other important issues. Germany was inclined to give a significantly longer extension last time for exactly this reason. But France, largely driven by domestic pressures, disagreed.

It’s good to see such a pragmatic view being expressed. Clearly not everybody thinks that “hurry up and get it done” is in everyone’s Best Interest.


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