A Titanic success – the UK has just hit the iceberg, when will the Captain notice?

Back at the beginning of November 2016 Boris Johnson provoked hilarity when he said,  “Brexit will be a Titanic success”.

Apparently he didn’t understand the irony and idiocy of that remark.

I wonder whether he has since reflected on what happened to the Titanic?

He should have done, as the Brexit Titanic he referred to has finally struck the iceberg.

Theresa May, in calling for a bigger and safer majority (remember what they said about the Titanic!), hit the iceberg – an iceberg which should have been quite visible to someone pursuing a prudent course. Instead she careered along far too fast in search of political gain.

Now, the big question: is it just the Brexit Titanic that’s going to sink, or is it the whole country?

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