UK Democracy & Parliamentary Sovereignty must prevail, not lies, deceit or sectional interest.

Article 50 has not yet been triggered and until such a time as it is we are still part of the EU.

The referendum result is advisory and – we all accept – persuasive, but not decisive.

There must be a parliamentary debate (which could go either way) based on the noble and ancient principle that once Parliament confer rights on us, the British people, which they did via the European Communities Act, only they and not the PM and government alone (previously, the Monarch) can revoke said Act.

If it were otherwise, our democratic and sovereign parliament would be the puppet of the government and in this case the puppet of an unelected new PM, who could be taking action based on a squalid campaign and a marginal referendum result.

That is not the sort of democracy I want to live in.

The lawyers have now had their say. Below is an opportunity to have yours!

Let Parliament Decide on whether the UK Remains in the EU

By Ryan Dowding a member of the SY2E – Remain in the EU Steering Group


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