Letter to the PM from over a thousand lawyers calls for: “a free vote in Parliament.”

The PM has just received a letter from over a thousand of the country’s most prominent lawyers. In this letter they outline the flaws in the referendum and the need for a clearer and more informed decision by Parliament in it’s capacity as the UK’s Sovereign Authority.

These barristers have pointed out to Mr Cameron and Parliament that the referendum was advisory and not legally binding.

Citing that the referendum “was influenced by misrepresentations of fact and promises that could not be delivered”, and “Since the result was only narrowly in favour of Brexit, it cannot be discounted that the misrepresentations and promises were a decisive or contributory factor in the result.”.

The referendum did not set a threshold necessary to leave the EU, unlike many other important polls, “presumably because the result was only advisory”, they said.

They also note the “emerging reality” of article 50 negotiations being negotiations centered around the UK’s exit terms and not defining a future relationship.

They further add: “For all of these reasons, it is proposed that the Government establishes, as a matter of urgency, a Royal Commission or an equivalent independent body to receive evidence and report, within a short, fixed timescale, on the benefits, costs and risks of triggering Article 50 to the UK as a whole, and to all of its constituent populations.”

Aidan O’Neill, a constitutional and EU law specialist who also signed the letter, said: “The Brexit referendum has made clear that the UK is not a united nation-state, but a divided state of nations. Adding: “Precipitate or unilateral action by the UK Government to trigger Article 50 will simply further divide us.”

This view is endorsed by SY2E, we believe that at this point in time cool heads and calm deliberation are necessary to the UK’s survival as a union of nations and to the well-being of it’s citizens.

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