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What was that Mr Rees-Mogg? – For Queen and Party?

In a piece in the Telegraph, reported here via Pressreader, Jacob Rees-Mogg describes how important Brexit is: “If the Conservative party doesn’t deliver the Brexit that the British people voted for, the Conservatives will not win the next election. The … Continue reading

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I don’t think I’ll be appearing on a chat show anytime soon but…

  Crowdjustice interviewed me about why I organised The People’s Challenge on Crowdjustice.  

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Another year, another challenge.

It’s 18 months since we initiated the challenge to the Government over its intention to bypass Parliament and use the ancient Royal Prerogative to trigger Article 50. This was the start of a fight to ensure that it is Parliament … Continue reading

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What the Supreme Court said in “Miller”

Yesterday a government minister (Lord Callanan) had to apologise to the House of Lords for misrepresenting what the “Miller” case said about Article 50. This seems to be a good time to clarify some things, in particular what the “Miller” … Continue reading

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Deciding which legal challenges are viable and will make a difference.

We are frequently asked how to decide whether to initiate or support a particular legal challenge. It is not a scientific process leading to an inevitable, indisputable decision, but there are some guidelines that we use based on the experience … Continue reading

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The People’s Challenge – What is Best for the UK?

In this turbulent and fast changing world where much is not as it seems we have to question what we are told. 6 month old facts and promises may no longer be true. We know that some were not true … Continue reading

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