More tribal politics from the LibDems and Labour – time for them to grow up and find the common ground!

Seems like the LibDems and Labour are still engaged in traditional party political warfare.

This is from The Guardian this evening:

Opposition parties might have won their battle to keep the Commons in session while the Conservative conference is taking place, but they can’t as yet agree on everything – particularly on the idea of a possible government of national unity.

All the parties believe that if Boris Johnson tried to force a no-deal Brexit then their tactic of last resort would be a no-confidence vote, replacing him with an interim PM. However, while the Liberal Democrats insist it cannot be Corbyn, Labour say he is the only choice.

Speaking to reporters at parliament, Labour’s shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, said he hoped Jo Swinson could change her mind:

I was brought up a Catholic and I am a great believer in the powers of conversion.

But the Lib Dem leader argues that the Corbyn option is simply impossible, as he would not win the support of rebel former Conservative MPs and others whose votes would be needed.

A spokesman for Swinson said:

Jo is a great believer in the power of mathematics. Jeremy Corbyn does not have the numbers and needs to make clear who he would support if we need an emergency government.

There is wider disagreement – while the Lib Dems are seeking a cross-party temporary government led by a backbench grandee such as Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman, Corbyn’s office have called for a “strictly time-limited caretaker administration” – a Labour only government in office for a matter of days, purely to extend the Brexit deadline and call an election.

The assumption is that if the alternative was no deal, one side would blink, but it remains to be seen who, and when.

This spat between Jo Swinson and Jeremy Corbyn has been simmering for days, if not weeks.

Do neither of them understand that they are supposed to be acting in the Best Interest of the UK?


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