So Brexit is worth going bust for – nothing like betting with other peoples money, eh?

So Boris Johnson says that Brexit is a “Do or Die” Charge of the Light Brigade moment for him, or perhaps it is only a one in a million possibility.

Jeremy Hunt says he will tell businesses that going bust for a No-Deal Brexit is worth it.

Of course they would say that, a vainglorious Titanic culmination to Brexit allows them to say they were betrayed by everybody and that is why they failed. In the meanwhile they collect votes from a small group of Tory members.

Where does that leave the rest of us?

Well, we won’t be protected like Boris Johnson, who can count on fees from newspapers for his mischievous lies about the EU, and we won’t be like Jeremy Hunt, who will be adequately protected against business, personal or family bankruptcy.

It will be the “poor bloody infantry”, aka the rest of us, who will pay the price for being “Led By Donkeys” as has ever been the case down the centuries.

We have said it before and do not hesitate to say it again, we have to stand up for ourselves.

We cannot rely on governments or politicians to protect us, nor on the campaign groups that talk in generalised terms and ignore how UK citizens’ rights are being worn away.

UK citizens, and not just those who are currently resident in EU27 countries, are being unscrupulously played by governments and politicians.

There are campaign groups which are, in modern parlance, grabbing all the bandwidth and marginalising other grassroots groups which seek to represent all UK citizens whose interests and rights are under threat.

Apart from the UK citizens resident in the EU27 countries, who undoubtedly need support and protection, there is at least the same number of UK citizens not permanently resident in the EU27 countries who have significant personal, family, business or financial interests there.

These people’s situations were already jeopardised by Theresa May’s defunct withdrawal agreement, let alone by the No-Deal Brexit that both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are prepared to countenance.

We identified some of these issues with our Millions in the Margins work and the advice our legal team produced.

In case you didn’t see it at the time, the title refers to the many, many people whose situations and interests don’t fit with the broad-brush, identifiable ones dealt with in the negotiations, and who were reduced to mere notes in the margins of documents, sacrificed to political expediency.

If Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson get their way ALL of us, whether we live in the UK or elsewhere, will be the “Millions in the Margins”, since both of these political opportunists are prepared to sacrifice businesses, people, livelihoods and our country on the altar of their brazen political ambition.

Whatever happens, there will be a new set of people in the EU to engage with and to remind that many millions of UK citizens are fervent supporters of the EU and have made personal, business and financial commitments based on that.

UK citizens are EU citizens, just as the citizens of Germany, Greece, Spain etc. are. The EU must not be allowed to cast them adrift in the name of political expediency. We must not let them do it.

If (let’s face it, when) they all seek an end to this impasse they have led us to by selling us down the river, we will have to take them to court (as we have successfully done before) and remind them that:

  1. Parliament is in charge in the UK;
  2. being UK PM does not entitle one to break the law and
  3. EU bodies have a responsibility to protect the rights of all EU citizens.

No surprises here, this will require funds. Please do help us if you can.


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Published by Grahame Pigney on behalf of The People’s Challenge Ltd.

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