Neither Fish, Flesh nor Good Red Herring

So we now have the official version of “Brexit means Brexit” the Political Declaration.

The question is, who does it satisfy? Seemingly nobody.

It is a “Blind Brexit”, “26 pages of waffle” and doesn’t provide “frictionless trade”.

It means everything to everybody and nothing at the same time.

It isn’t Chequers, No 10 has confirmed that Chequers has been ditched in favour of a “more open ended political declaration”.

Nor is it the easiest trade deal ever. Despite assurances that a comprehensive trade deal with the EU can be agreed a “nanosecond” after exit day it won’t happen. As it happens, it seems that a nanosecond is about as long as the Brexiters’ assertions survive contact with the real world.

The political declaration is couched in terms such that a No-Deal Brexit is possible at the end of 2020 and being tied to the EU, but without a say in the rules, is not only possible but the default option.

The only thing the political statement on a future UK/EU relationship is good for is to enable the simplistic and self-serving politicians in Whitehall to cower behind the statement “We have delivered Brexit”.

Theresa May has now made a People’s Vote a resigning matter. According to a Tweet from @PippaCrerar

“Number 10 also unequivocally ruling out a second referendum while May is in charge. Asked whether it was correct that “as long as she is PM, there won’t be a second referendum”, they replied: “Yes”

This is a direct threat to the UK Parliament’s sovereignty and our system of democracy. It is not for Theresa May (or any other Prime Minister) to declare that it is “her way or no way”. Seemingly this is what Theresa May thinks “taking back control” means.

It is for the UK’s Sovereign Parliament, and through Parliament, the Electorate, to decide the policy the UK adopts, how these constitutional questions are answered.

The Government, including the Prime Minister, serves at the pleasure of the Electorate, as expressed through our Parliamentary representatives.

The Government cannot, and must not be allowed to, dictate to Parliament and the People what the UK will do.

Theresa May and co are servants and not dictators, despite what they seem to think.

The vote in Parliament is not solely about the Withdrawal Agreement, it is about whether what comes after withdrawal and transition is Better for the UK than what we have at the moment – being a full and active member of the EU.

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise and certainly make sure that your MP understands your views on the real question that he/she will be voting on – is the aspirational, non-binding political declaration better than the UK’s current, factual membership of the EU?

Whatever happens, it won’t be better for business, nor will it address the failure by the UK and the EU to protect our EU citizenship rights and the arbitrary, discriminatory way in which those rights have been removed and diluted.

The demagogues and ideologues are reeling on the ropes – time to make sure they reel and fall rather than bounce back with a sucker punch to what is Best for the UK.

“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”


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