Both sides claim victory as No 10 makes backstop “concession”

So, has the EU given in to the blandishments of the UK, has the UK broken down the forensic, considered position of the EU?

No, this has nothing to do with the negotiations between the UK and the EU on the UK government’s ill-conceived intention of dragging the UK out of the EU at any cost and against what is clearly in the best interest of the UK.

This headline is about nothing more nor less than a commentary on the infighting between two factions (individuals?) in what is laughingly called the “ruling” party in the UK.

This petty, Tory turf war stands in stark contrast to principled positions that politicians took in the first referendum back in 1975. Labour is also guilty of prioritising its party political position over the interests of the UK and its people.

Unfortunately the debate about what is best for the UK and how to deal with Brexit has boiled down to a series of positions, stances and meaningless statements intended to bolster a party’s position in the polls.

It is now down to the public to mobilise behind groups focused on bringing common sense and more importantly democracy to play in the crazy world that this Brexit charade is being played out in.

Whether that is helping one of the bigger groups to organise and mobilise people locally and nationally to encourage sensible politicians to seek a sensible solution or by backing smaller more closely focused groups who are trying to show how ordinary people will be not only disadvantaged but also penalised by selfish, self-centred politicians.

While the bullies in the playground duke it out about who is the top dog the rest of us have to take the opportunity to take control and show why what is in the best interest of the UK is not some bi-partisan macho fight but a sensible, considered assessment of what is best for all of us.


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