How can non-existent documents be so informative?

It’s been an interesting few days: the Govt. has been caught being negligent, ministers have been extremely economical with the truth and a supposedly done deal with the EU has fallen apart.

In fact the Govt. did not commission any impact statements and in fact the Cabinet has not had any discussions about where it wants the UK to end up after Brexit. This doesn’t come as any great surprise.

It has been screamingly obvious for some time. The body language, the way the stories are told, the repetitive sound bites all gave the clues and Parliament has confirmed it.

The situation with David Davis is particularly telling and is a perfect example of why the Govt. and its ministers must not be trusted with untrammelled Henry VIII powers.

Had this not been exposed, the UK could have come out of these negotiations (whatever the outcome may be) without ever knowing what we were doing and what the risks were.

Next week (Tuesday and Wednesday) Parliament is again going to debate amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, specifically those relating to the Henry VIII powers the Govt. wants.

As we explained a month ago, it isn’t just the “meaningful vote” clause proposed by Dominic Grieve (amendment 7) that is so important.

Henry VIII powers are extremely dangerous in the wrong hands, and the evidence says these are definitely the wrong hands. Ultimately the power must rest in the collective hands of our elected MPs so that, as always, they can protect our interests.

Tell your MP that you are concerned, particularly in the light of recent revelations about what ministers and the Govt. have and haven’t done, about the wide-ranging powers that the Govt. is seeking to reserve to itself.

Ask if your MP is concerned. If not, why not? And if yes, what is he/she going to do about it? Seek to curtail the Henry VIII powers in the Bill and maintain proper Parliamentary oversight of the Govt.?

And if he/she is concerned and is already on the case, don’t forget your thanks and congratulations – it’s not much fun being on the front page of the Telegraph!

Also don’t forget to find out if your MP is supporting Dominic Grieve’s amendment 7 which will ensure that the EU (Withdrawal) bill cannot be enacted without Parliament passing an Act that approves the terms on which the UK will leave the EU.


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