How can you transition to an unknown position?

There is a great deal of talk among the critics of the UK Government’s “handling” of the exit negotiations about the urgent need for a transition deal. Significant people and organisations are saying they “need a transition deal by the end of the year”.

This might be a good moment to consider the definition of transition – “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.”

OK, we know where we are – a member state of the EU, we know what that costs us and what the advantages/disadvantages are. Or some might have thought they did at the time of the referendum.

So, where are we going to? What does the UK want its relationship with the EU to be? How much is the UK prepared to pay for that relationship – Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland all pay to be members of the European Economic Area.

Does anybody know where we’re supposed to be going with this? It seems not.

So how can a transition deal be thrashed out if we don’t know what we are transitioning to?

Don’t we need to know where the UK wants to be post-Brexit?

“What is Best for the UK?”  That might be a good starting point.

How can you possibly discuss a transition deal if you don’t know both – where you are at the moment and where you want to be in the future?

It seems that there has not even been a meeting of the full cabinet to discuss this, much less a proposition put to Parliament for its approval.

Is this another example of the “Taking Back Control” that came with the referendum vote?

Please ask your MP:

  1. What is Best for the UK after it has left the EU?
  2. What is Best for the UK as it transitions away from being an EU member state?
  3. Does the UK want a “deep and special” relationship with the EU or a shallower and less comprehensive Canada style Free Trade Agreement that excludes the services sector.


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