Parliament set to tell Theresa May it is not for her to decide What is Best for the UK?

According to some, Parliament is set to send a message to Theresa May and her government that it is for Parliament to decide what the outcome will be of the decision for the UK to leave the EU.

Despite the bluster from Whitehall, MPs from all parties are stepping up to their sworn duty to make decisions that are based on “What is Best for the UK”.

This is being portrayed by Theresa May as a rebellion against the government, or a refusal by Parliament to follow her will and the self-serving interests of the incumbents in Whitehall.

In fact it is Parliament and its members, whether MPs in the Commons or members of the upper house, performing the duty that they swore to do when taking their place in Parliament.

Which way the final decision will go cannot yet be known. That is at least in part because facts such as the 58 sectoral impact studies on the effects of the UK leaving the EU have not yet been published, if indeed they even exist.

What we do have is the UK’s Sovereign Parliament fighting to “Take Back Control” from a secretive and authoritarian government which has usurped the “will of the people” in order to keep itself in power, regardless of the consequences for the UK.

The right of our Parliament to decide what is in the Best Interests of the UK is a fundamental feature of the UK’s system of representative democracy and parliamentary sovereignty.

That sovereign right cannot be removed by the “ducking and diving” of an ever-more-desperate executive intent on taking control of the country for its own ends.

We have to support those in Parliament who are fighting for the principles on which the UK’s democracy is based.

However things develop over the next few weeks while the bill is debated, it won’t be the end of the story, but it may just be a moment where Parliament starts moving towards Taking Back Control in the Best Interest of the UK.


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