Theresa May’s “unSettled Status” for EU27 and UK citizens.

Theresa May’s offer of “Settled Status” for EU27 citizens resident in the UK is noteworthy on a number of counts, not least because it is presented as if it is an offer which is conditional on a reciprocal offer being made by the EU to UK citizens living in EU27 countries.

Perhaps Theresa May was so engrossed in her election campaign, and has been rushing round so much since, that she didn’t have time to notice the EU setting out its position on 29th May 2017.

It guaranteed full rights for UK citizens living in EU27 countries (including continuing freedom of movement) and sought the reciprocal deal for EU27 citizens living in the UK.

Theresa May’s proposals do little to address people’s uncertainty and concerns resulting from last year’s referendum.

And although the EU’s offer is much more comprehensive, it still only covers citizens who are or have been resident as UK citizens in EU27 countries or EU27 citizens resident in the UK.

There are still the situations of other UK citizens to be considered: those who work cross-border; UK citizens who own property in EU27 countries but are not resident there (and vice versa); European Health Insurance Cards for temporary visits, as a few examples.

The protection of the rights of all UK citizens whether living in EU27 countries or living in the UK is a basic element of The People’s Challenge’s purpose alongside ensuring the continuing applicability of the EU citizenship rights of EU27 citizens living in the UK.

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