So much for the “row of the summer”.

As widely predicted yesterday’s meeting between the EU Chief Art. 50 negotiator Michel Barnier and the UK’s David Davis was largely symbolic.

They had lunch and agreed the negotiating programme that covers the next 4 months that the EU had set out.

David Davis’s much vaunted “row of the summer” over whether exit talks and trade talks were going to be held in parallel or sequentially didn’t materialise, they will happen sequentially as the EU proposed.

We now have to wait until the 17th July for the first substantive round of UK/EU negotiations.

In the meanwhile The People’s Challenge will finish its own roadmap of what is likely between now and 00:00 30th March 2019.

We have been working on identifying the legal, judicial, and political events and questions which will shape the coming months as the UK and the EU seek to unravel 44 years of mutual agreements.

Once we know what is in the Queen’s Speech and, what parliament approves, we will publish this roadmap.



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