March on the 25th to make sure our voice is heard.

Dear People’s Challenge supporter,

on the 25th there is a march in London, one that goes beyond the pros and cons of Brexit.
Many diverse groups will be represented in the march; the common element is their opposition to the autocratic, even dictatorial tone coming from Theresa May.

One of the strengths of the UK’s democracy is the tolerance of an alternative argument; a tolerance that no longer exists, according to senior members of this government.
Indeed, the Prime Minister herself has said that those of us who ask the courts to enforce the rule of law “are not standing up for democracy, they’re trying to subvert it.”

Members of The People’s Challenge will be present to help to make sure that decision-makers inside and outside the UK realise that “The Red Queen” does not speak for the majority anymore, let alone everybody.

The People’s Challenge will be travelling from far and wide, including, Gibraltar, Wales and France to attend this event.

It is important that we “Stop the Silence”, the silence the rabid Brexiters are using to try to stifle democracy and reasoned debate.

We must support all those who have relied on the UK’s tolerant and welcoming attitude to establish their homes in the UK, and those from the UK who have relied on the UK’s word and gone to work with or establish themselves among our European friends.

So we ask you, our supporters, to attend this march and encourage others to do the same so that our voice can be heard clearly and unambiguously.

Here is our banner, be there or be square!


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