Peers vote to give Parliament a meaningful vote on the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

The Lords voted this evening to amend the “Brexit Bill” to give Parliament a meaningful vote on the outcome of negotiations with the EU.

In this the Lords have fulfilled their purpose and duty as the conscience of Parliament and have found the Bill in it’s unamended form not to be in the best interest of the UK and it’s people.

This means that the Bill will go back to the commons with an amendment requiring Theresa May to report back to Parliament on the outcome of the negotiations and for Parliament to take the final decision.

Now the Bill goes back to the HoC, all eyes will be on the Commons to see how they will vote and what their justifications will be for removing or approving the amendment.

Robert Pigney

Please back the The Second People’s Challenge: helping Parliament take control and help our parliamentarians ensure that Parliament has meaningful control over the Brexit process.

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