Supreme Court announcement any day now

Rumour and speculation abound regarding the Supreme Court judgement later this month.

Apparently the Govt. has asked for and been refused advanced sight of the decision The reason, apparently, was so that it could put contingencies in place.

This does beg the question: why are there no contingencies in place already? Is the Govt. not ready for the Supreme Court decision? There are, after all, only two possibilities.

The court has announced that no one will get a sneak peak at its decision; so, quite rightly, there will be equal treatment for all from UK Justice.

The court has also said that the decision is anticipated before the end of January and 3 working days notice of the decision will be given.

Typically the President of the Supreme Court will then give a summary of the Court’s unanimous view or, if there is a majority decision, what that is and any dissents. We will issue a further update just as soon as we hear more from the Court.

Theresa May’s next big step seems to be her speech on Tuesday. It will be interesting to see whether in doing so she gives our Sovereign Parliament the respect to which it is entitled.

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