An enormous thank you and this is where our Challenge is up to

Fantastically, we have made not only our initial target, but our first stretch target for the relaunched campaign, in just over 24 hours.

Our legal team now has really solid backing for the work they will need to do to defend yesterday’s victory against the Government’s appeal.

You have really staggered us with your support and generosity, all of which are a welcome change from the abuse and nonsense from some quarters.

We will be leaving the our new Crowd Justice campaign running with a revised stretch target of £150,000 which will almost certainly be sufficient for all work connected with the appeal and protection against government costs.

We want to ensure that we are in the very best position to protect people’s rights against the Government’s attempted power grab.

We will update you on Monday with a final budget, but every pledge will be used wisely and effectively to defend both individuals’ rights and Parliamentary Sovereignty.

Thank you once again,

Chris, Fergal, Grahame, Paul, Rob and Tahmid

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