David Davis attends hard-Brexit cabal meeting

David Davis, our illustrious Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (“Yes, Minister” much?) has been saying that he is consulting widely to gather diverse views on Brexit: to use my grandfather’s word, cobblers.

So far Mr Davis appears to have only consulted a rather small group of hardcore Brexiteers when he attended a seminar at Oxford last month, and having attended this seminar, the government has apparently plucked its “Great Repeal Bill” from the resulting report.

This flies in the face of the Government’s pledge to “make Brexit work for everyone”. It seems that the Government is simply going to do as it pleases, and only compromise as much as is necessary to get what Mrs May and her Brexiteers want and be damned to anybody who is not satisfied, including, ironically, people who are in favour of, and voted for, whatever flavour of Brexit is not adopted.

Possibly more worrying is the fact that the condensed report jointly published by the Centre for Social Justice and Legatum Institute seems to endorse a number of lies, misconceptions and xenophobic feelings circulating during the referendum campaign and furthermore, seems to condone and encourage acting upon these lies, misconceptions and xenophobic feelings. The report seems indifferent to the veracity or lack thereof in most of these statements, or the borderline if not outright racist nature of some the feelings and views expressed, or finally the potential pitfalls ignored by taking as fact the misconceptions presented.

The notion that the Government is plucking policy from this kind of material or that it has any scruples in further spreading it’s content is disturbing indeed , as is the indication that it has no other resources/ideas to draw on or.

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