“When we have decided what you voted for, we will tell you.”

It used to be claimed during the Cold War that in the countries of the Soviet bloc elections could not take place until the government had decided what their result should be. Here, we order these matters differently.

We had a referendum on 23rd June about the European Union, but the government has still to decide what its result will be.

The widely-advertised “brain-storming session” of Mrs May on 31st August has taken us little further in the search for content to fill out the empty assertion that “Brexit means Brexit.”

The only specific matter upon which Mrs May and her colleagues could apparently agree was their hostility to the principle of European free movement.

This is not an encouraging basis on which to erect a negotiating strategy for the “sensible and orderly departure” of the United Kingdom from the EU that Mrs May says she seeks.

Source: Brendan Donnelly “When we have decided what you voted for, we will tell you.” | The Federal Trust

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