The People’s Challenge to the Government – why it’s different.

Over the past few weeks some people have asked why our People’s Challenge is different to the handful of other challenges to Theresa May’s intention to usurp the UK’s Sovereign Parliament.

Here are the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How is what you are doing different to the Gina Miller challenge represented by Mishcon de Reya?

The case being brought by Gina Miller is challenging whether Royal Prerogative can override or undo Acts of Parliament.

Unlike the People’s Challenge, Gina Miller’s challenge does not say who else is party to her challenge or who is funding it.

In addition to the principle of Parliamentary Sovereignty our People’s Challenge is very clearly focused on the importance of UK Citizen’s individual rights, in this case those rights granted by the UK’s Parliament to UK Citizens in relation to the UK’s membership of the EU.

  • What about the Fair Deal for Expats challenge?

Fair Deal for Expats say that only they have been given permission to represent the interests of British citizens living or working in the EU at the hearing in October. That isn’t correct though, as the individuals named in the People’s Challenge includes two UK expatriates living /working in the EU.

They haven’t disclosed the identities of the individuals taking their challenge to court, nor made a commitment to openness about their arguments or funding. You have to pay a subscription, between 30€ and 50€, to get information on what they are doing.

This is unlike our People’s Challenge which is representing the interests of ALL UK citizens and is committed to openness about what it is doing.

  • Where do the two challenges in Northern Ireland fit with what the People’s Challenge is doing?

These two challenges are being made on the basis of the interaction of Acts of Parliament involving the UK’s membership of the EU and the Peace Process/Good Friday Agreement. It was the UK Sovereign Parliament that set these Acts in place and it is for the UK’s Sovereign Parliament to decide if, when, and how these Acts are to be modified or set aside.

  • What about the #BrexitJustice campaign, isn’t it challenging the Government on Article 50?

Although the #BrexitJustice fundraising campaign did include challenging the Government on who can trigger Article 50 as part of its original pitch, #BrexitJustice is now not pursuing an Article 50 challenge and is instead concentrating on suing the perpetrators of the Leave campaign lies.

The £145,000 #BrexitJustice has raised is being used to pursue the prosecution of the “Leave liars”. Important as this is, it is a very different legal action and according #BrexitJustice could take several years.

Even if successful it would not prevent Theresa May and her anointed government from usurping the UK’s Sovereign Parliament by using Royal Prerogative to take the UK out of the EU.

  • Who are the members of the People’s Challenge group?

Grahame (me) and Rob (my son) Pigney, both UK citizens living in France, Paul Cartwright, a Gibraltarian national, Christopher Formaggia, who lives in Wales, Tahmid Chowdhury, a London student and Fergal McFerran who lives in Northern Ireland.

  • How are you funding the People’s Challenge?

We are funding the People’s Challenge through this Crowd Justice crowdfunding campaign.

Reaching £50,000 will enable our legal team to make the written submissions on behalf of all 65 million UK citizens.

But to make sure that we can be represented at the hearing(s) in October and that the concerns of ordinary UK citizens are argued in front of the judges, we need to push through that £50,000 initial target to our ultimate target of £150,000.

  • Who is representing the People’s Challenge?

Bindmans LLP – a leading London law firm, is representing us. John Halford leads the Bindmans’ team. He will be assisted by Darragh Mackin of Kevin R Winters with clients living in Belfast.

Our barristers are all public and constitutional law specialists and, just as importantly, are fully committed to ensuring ordinary members of the public have a say in this challenge. They are Helen Mountfield QCGerry Facenna QCTim Johnston and Jack Williams.

They are working for us at rates lower than those the Government pays its own lawyers, but a huge amount of work is needed.

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