People’s Challenge to the Government on Art. 50

People’s Challenge to the Government on Art. 50 – CrowdJustice

My name is Grahame Pigney. I am organising this crowd funding campaign because I believe important individual rights and benefits of ordinary British (UK) Citizens are at risk as a result of the UK leaving the EU.

The enforced removal of citizenship rights from 65 million people is completely unprecedented in a modern democracy.

The rights and benefits of ordinary UK Citizens were hardly mentioned during the referendum, lost in the general rhetoric about trade, influence and taking back control.

I believe that, as Parliament has granted us these rights, it is for Parliament to decide when, how and under what circumstances they are taken away.

The Government disagrees and is being challenged in the courts.This campaign seeks funding to make sure ordinary UK Citizens are involved, represented and can have a say.

This is one of the most important constitutional cases of our time.

It will decide whether it is for an appointed executive (the Government) or our democratically elected Sovereign Parliament to decide when and how the UK leaves the EU.


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